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Start dreaming again, and get back in the driver's seat of your life!

“Jenn Drakes’ writing is at once humble, authentic and inspiring! Drawing from lessons and lived experiences from her own journey, she is able to pull together a piece of work that is unique in its perspectives on pursuing one’s dreams, using our skills and truly living the one life that we have, fully! Earnest and loving, this book is reminiscent of having real life conversations on a rainy day with a dear friend over hot coffee!” —SRIJONI RAHMAN, CO-FOUNDER OF PLUMOSE (plumose.co)

  • Sit still, or get moving
  • Watch others soar, or choose to soar yourself

Your life represents your choices, so choose well

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Does this sound like you?

Problem #1

I thought I had done everything needed to get a promotion, and was so disappointed when I didn't. I feel dejected and I am not sure of my next steps. How many more courses can I take to make a difference?

Problem #2

I have such a hard time getting and staying motivated. I can't continue this way. I know this, but can't seem to figure out why I am not enthusiastic about much in my life. It is impacting my life and those around me.

Problem #3

I am in a job I hate, and living a life I hate. How did I get here? I had so many things I wanted to get done, and wanted to do, but ....where do I find the time and money, and even if I did where would I go, or what would I actually do?

Time To Weave The Tapestry Of You

Aladdin Carpets is about leaps of faith and courage in pursuing things that at first seem out of reach or insurmountable to us. However, these things, if pursued, have the potential to shape us, define us, and elevate us beyond what we could have imagined. Usually, they lead us to our intended purpose in life, and in living, but we must first believe in ourselves, and persevere through any obstacles thrown our way, or glass ceilings encountered. Blind faith...


Laurie has high standards for self-help books ...

"Hi Jenn,

I’ve been enjoying your book! I’ll be sure to share when I’m done… I read the introductions, (love SHITES :) and the first chapter. What a nice lunch break. But, I have to pry myself away from the book to get back to work!"


Tom is not big on self-help books, but ...

"I just finished the book. I am spellbound by it's grasp of life and the vast array of avenues that life can take one. Also the simple logic to a life well lived. Congratulations my friend you have written a

masterpiece on the carpet ride of life..."


About The Authour

When JENN is not writing or creating, she is a single Mom who hosts the ARRAYS OF LIVING show and podcast. She is also creator and co-host of the GET AWESOME show, and creator of the YOU ARE WORTH MORE Nurturing Centre. She is a featured Author and Poet on Plumose, Executive Contributor for BRAINZ Magazine and Contributing Author on Boss Ladies Mindset.

She does not believe in wasting any moments in the days she is blessed to live.

JENN has a natural affinity for writing, speaking and influencing; which she leverages in her private practice. Her voice and writings are powerful, impactful, and life-changing because they trigger thought and promote tantalizing, intelligent conversations. Over the years in working with youths and young adults, she was crowned The Original Goddess to acknowledge the shared feeling that "Jenn is wise beyond her years. I find her to be almost an "old soul" type of spirit."

Today, she is using that wisdom to shatter through the glass ceilings of others, and power up the purpose she believes everyone holds within.

The Original Goddess